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How To Become A Natural Born Salesperson

The myth of the person who is a natural salesperson is just that – a myth. A widely held – but false – belief.


We reveal the 5 fundamental traits of the natural salesperson. While I'm yet to find him/her, we can set about learning the simple steps to get as close to being a natural salesperson right?

1. What are the 5 natural states of sales?

2. Which one am I good at?

3. How do I learn to master the others?

4. How do I be a natural, comfortable and elegant salesperson?

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How To Handle Any Setback High EQ Masterclass

71% of hiring managers said EQ (emotional intelligence) is more important than IQ.

34% higher profit growth in businesses with high EQ leaders

EQ has twice the power than IQ to predict performance

EQ is a better predictor of success than skill, knowledge, or expertise.

Ok, so you might have already worked out you’re not going to have the IQ of Einstein (or maybe you do) but how can you get a high EQ?

Emotional intelligence as an ability is highly sought after in the market place, and it's proven to give business the competitive advantage they need.

What is it? Why is it important? How do I get it? And more importantly, how do I develop it in others?

WELCOME to your opportunity to...

# Stay calm under pressure

# Make sound business decisions

# Get the best from your people

# Get more done with less

# Become the leader you were born to be!

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How To Deliver An Elegant Sales Experience

Imagine being able to increase your sales by 20% or 30% or even 50% instantly - even if you're not a "natural" salesperson, and without being sleazy or pushy!

You can DO IT! Just by following a simple sales process, which we will go through together, to give you hands on practical tips on how to make sales easily, and naturally.

1. Top tips to convert more sales

2. Simple sales process ANYONE can follow

3. A replicable process that works TIME and TIME again

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Conversations That Convert
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Conversations That Convert

So come to How to have conversations that convert and learn...

* How to have clients to convince themselves why they need you/your product

* Who you need to be to have conversations that convert

* How to ask the right questions in the right way at the right time.

* Dispel objections elegantly

* Help your client make great decisions to do business with you

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Compel, Convert & Close
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Compel, Convert & Close

I love this topic! I don't know about you, but I know when I'm being 'closed on' by a salesy salesperson and it makes me uncomfortable. Let's not do that OK? OK.

So let's do this instead: • Suspend anything anyone ever told you about "closing the sale" • Come to this meet-up Why?

I bet that you've been given lot's of phrases before, on how to close the sale... Why don't we get the paperwork started...will you be paying cash or credit...would you like X product or Y product. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't – ever left wondering why? And sometimes you just don't try them at all because you don't like how they sound – so why would your prospect?

I hear your pain. That is, until I discovered the secret language of artfully closing the sale using a little technique with a BIG impact.

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