Accelerate Your Sales Success

Develop the Happy Advantage

Fast-track your success 

Get out of your own way 

Learn from shared insights  

Gain a competitive edge 

Be supported and nurtured  

Improve your productivity 

Be better, faster, stronger...quicker 

You were born with the ability to sell.  It is just human. 

Yet a lot of humans reject the idea that they are sales people or good at sales.  Claiming 'I'm just not a salesperson' or, 'I just can't close the sale.'.  In my experience, most salespeople don't know they already possess the natural ability to sell.  The result is a clunky sales experience and limited results. 

Sometimes, people feel that they don't need to be good at sales.  "All I do is tell them what I have to offer, and they'll buy or not buy, it's easy.  I don't need to sell".  The result is an inelegant sales experience and limited results. 

The solution is simple: 

Identify your natural sales strengths (everyone has them) & learn how to amplify them; 

Identify what you're not so great at & learn how to be great; 

Establish an elegant sales approach that builds relationships. 

But it is rarely easy. The question is – is it worth it?

I believe selling is finding out what the problem is and offering an appropriate solution. You can’t get more human than that. We are here to help others. We’re here to serve other humans. I believe every human wants to be able to affect the lives of those around them in a positive way and leave this world a better place. Right?

I also believe, that unless you are a good sales person, you won’t be able to really make a difference to those around you.

What's the difference you want to make?

Why do I need a coach & mentor. What's the difference?

There's a few differing opinions about this, but here's how we define it

Coaching is the process of connecting you to resources you already have within you. You might not yet know how to tap into, or maybe you've forgotten how. A coach creates a safe place for you to clear the clutter, and realise your natural potential.

Mentoring is the process of connecting you to resources you don't yet have. It solves the 'I don't know how' question. A mentor will provide insights, guidance and direction on what to do next, what to watch out for, and what you need to do it.

Accountability is big. Let me ask you're driving down the road. It's late at night so there's no-one on the road. You know the speed limit is 50kms/hour, but you wanna get to bed you're tired. You know it's not right, but you speed up a little (or a lot – depending on how you roll)…THEN all of a sudden, up ahead –you see one of these...

Do you slow down to 50kms/hour?

I have asked this question to over 100 sales training participants, and 98% of respondents said YES.

A good coach & mentor will hold you accountable to your goals, your values and standards. In a Mary-Poppins Chuck Norris kinda-way. Aligning yourself to your values and standards, and achieving your goals helps you develop an enviable level of happiness...which is proven to make you more productive.

Don't you have mates?

Sure. Are those mates experts in the area you want to improve & develop? Do they have the results you want to get? Then listen away. If they're not, then maybe re-consider how seriously you take their advice. Choose to listen to professionals who have been there before, have the outcomes you want, and will share the benefit of their expertise. A coach creates a safe, judgement-free zone for you to explore what makes you tick, and how to tick more efficiently.

It's great to engage with a professional that has both coaching & mentoring to offer you. Enter sales coach & mentor....