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More about Your Sales Success Profile

I am a qualified and certified eDISC practitioner.  There are many behavioural profiling tools that will help you, but my chosen is eDISC which is what I use to deliver your sales success profile.  I have researched ALL tools, and I know you will love it.

I use ‘the birds’ as metaphors for the various behavioural preferences you have, and they translate beautifully to your natural selling style (yes, you have one).  This methodology makes understanding eDISC (which is highly complex) simple and accessible to you. It makes it easier for you to apply and achieve sales success.

Take the challenge...

Here’s an exercise for you……

Step 1

If you had to be one of these birds, which bird would you be?

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Step 2

Now, read the text next to your chosen bird…



You strike me as someone who is very goal & results orientated, who prides themselves on standards.

What I would love to do is unpack your behavioural profile that delves deeper – you already know how to get results - but would you like to get results even more efficiently, effectively and faster, sooner, cleaner? So you have even more time to achieve even more cos as you can appreciate, time is precious and it's ticking by so quickly.



You are such a fun person, full of light energy and easy to be with. What needs to be added is more structure.

This will enable you to dig even deeper into the emotional intelligence that you were born with, the social awareness that you have.

Being a Peacock energy you have a way of just knowing how to be with people. How would you like to unveil that, so you can help others.



I really admire your patience, your ability to just hang and listen. You have a natural warmth that you were born with. you seek lots of people you trust and who want to be around you. What will complement your innate warmness, comfort and ability to connect? What will stretch you, help you get in touch with your masculine side so you can set cleaner boundaries so people don't walk all over you? With awareness you can teach others how to treat you. This will help you be courageous and embrace uncertainty. Take your power to a whole other level.



It's a very structured, step by step, orderly process. It will help you expand your learning to show how to get along with people who are very different. It's based on over 40 years of science and developed in 1951. It's been statistically validated, with 88% accuracy in fact, and it's been proven to be a very reliable instrument. I won't tell you the value, as you need to experience it yourself to know the value of that.

HERE's an opportunity for some more information to process, analyse and think about.

What is eDISC?

Extended DISC (eDISC) is an advanced behavioural profiling tool available in over 60 languages.  

eDISC is an acronym and simply put, the letters D, I, S and C stand for: D - Dominance. I - Influence. S - Steadiness. C- Conscientiousness.  The e stands for Extended – behavioural profile identifies 160 different behavioural styles.

The eDISC model discusses four reference points:

Dominance – direct, strong-willed and forceful

Influence – sociable, talkative and lively

Steadiness – gentle, accommodating and soft-hearted

Conscientiousness – private, analytical and logical

eDISC uses a sophisticated, highly validated, complex psychometric algorithm to determine your natural and adaptive behavioural preferences.  

All the information in this profile is derived from your “natural behavioural style”.  It is a behavioural style that takes the least energy and effort, requires the least amount of concentration and is usually the most comfortable for you.

eDISC does not:

  • Provide results that ‘classify’ or ‘pigeon hole’ people.   

  • Rank people in any way (there are no good/bad or better/worse categories).

  • Measure knowledge or skills.

  • Measure every dimension of what makes you unique :)

Why is eDISC important?

Improves sales results, and faster productivity.

It will help you work with less stress and better relationships with your clients.

An eDISC report and unpack will provide self-awareness and action plan that will give you a competitive edge in today's fast-paced market.

For intra-preneurs: An eDISC report and unpack will make you more valuable to your employer, and put you in strong stead to win promotions, commensurate pay rises and other opportunities that will better your career.

For entrepreneurs: An eDISC report and unpack will make you more valuable to your clients, put you in a better position to succeed, and help you work more efficiently, with less stress.  

How does eDISC work?

eDISC measures your tendencies and preferences — your patterns of behavior.

You complete an online self-assessment comprised of 24 questions in total.  

The eDISC questionnaire asks about how you respond to challenges, how you influence others, how you respond to rules and procedures, and about your preferred pace of activity.

It takes no more than 15mins to complete.

Via the FinxS platform, your personalised, in-depth behavioural profile is generated.  

eDISC measures more behavioural styles than in any other instrument.

eDISC is difficult to cheat, More stable results than with any other instrument and is 88% accurate.

eDISC measures you both on unconscious AND conscious levels.

What’s next?