How Many Apples In The Barrel?

If your sitting there counting, then I'm going to save you the heartache...stop counting. I have the answer for you.

The answer is: I don’t know exactly. But I do know that there are on average 10 seeds in each apple. 1 seed contains 10 apples each with 10 seeds containing 10 apples….and so on.

Who got busy counting the apples and not the seeds within the apples?

"The world's top 8% of sales professionals get 80% of the results and research tells us there is 1 thing they do differently than every other salesperson."

What is it? Consistently outline the Next Step.

When I started in sales, I sucked. The one thing that made a big difference, and the main reason I ended up growing my business to over a million dollars – was consistently taking the Next Step with my clients.

My conversion rate was 20-30% when I started out and 90% by the time I left retail. By the time I left, 70% of my business was repeat clientelle and the remaining 30% - new business - was primarily referrals!

Studies show that 80% of sales occur after 5 next steps.

There are some fascinating statistics on this:

44% of sales people give up after one "no"

22% give up after two "nos"

14% give up after three "nos"

12% give up after four "nos"

8% sales people follow-up after the 5th "no". They get the 80% of business.

Be the 8%. Always. Next. Steps.

From the customers that say 'yes'

They spend 67% more than new customers

They are 50% more likely to refer business to you

And you know what, lead gen is important. And I thought based on these statistics that how we can leverage the new customers we do get - how to maintain the relationship and build trust was a conversation worth having. I mean, that's just logical right?

And it's even more than financial good practise. Energetically, it takes so much more to build a new relationship than nurture an existing one.

Does anyone else relate to that?