What Have Superheros' Got To Do With Sales?

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You'd be forgiven for thinking they are as unrelated as spaghetti and concrete, but...we can learn many life lessons...an subsequently....sales skills from our Superhero Friends...

And one of the most important, but rarely discussed aspects of these superheros is that they all have a very clearly defined...purpose

I talk frequently about "Selling with Noble Purpose" – inspired by the book of the same name by Lisa Earle McLeod. Superheros all have a Noble Purpose that has not a great deal of link to what they do – saving the future of the world in their own unique way – be it with a lasso, or a hammer, or a cape.

No, it is not what they DO that makes them stand out and have others follow (the comic book industry alone almost $1bil) but WHY they do it that makes one more appealing than the other.

So well save the debate (heated!) for another time, and with respect to your particular Superhero preferences – here are some of my favorites (in no particular order) and WHY I love them

Wonder woman – For her pursuit of Truth with her Lasso

Superman – For his humanity

Batman – For is Vigilante nature

Spiderman – For his wise-cracks

Thor – For his protective nature

Captain America – For his leadership

They are all saving the world/gotham city but each of them are driven differently – they have a different reason WHY they are doing this. Let the debate begin on who is the best ;)

And this is the natural way of sales. Clients will buy not ONLY because of the product you sell...but also to the unique flavour that is distinctively YOU.

These superheroes STAND for something. They believe and we follow because we subscribe to what they believe in too. Which is why you will not find Tony Stark amongst my list.

So what's your purpose?

What's your unique reason WHY?

Please share..