Stop Selling Your Product

On the whole I dislike mail-drop flyers.

In today's day and age, I find them a wasteful and outdated method of promoting your products.


PUB Jun 18 stop selling maintain me p1.PNG

Live the life you love...yes please. Would you ever have thought this was for a cleaning service? I was totally struck...and then it got even better...

PUB Jun 18 stop selling maintain me p2.PNG

 I totally geeked out and had to share what an AWESOME sales approach these guys had!! They do not sell the product, they sell the solution

You don't NEED clean floors, you WANT more time. You want to...Live The Life You Love. Right?

I just got chills. Over a cleaning service!!!

There's hardly any space on that promotional flyer that is devoted to talking about the product, it is almost entirely dedicated to engaging your emotions with colour, imagery and language.

Let's break it down – and make note on how you can learn & apply these techniques... Live the life you love: I don't love cleaning. So yeah, I'd rather live the life I love than clean that's for sure. You've got my attention. Good solution!

Maintain Me. Yup, that's a good solution. I'd like my home to be maintained. I'd like someone else to do it for me. This is all implicit in the language. Solution. Love. It.

Time is Precious: This is very powerful.

Suddenly this flyer is speaking directly to me. Take the stress out...spend time on things that really just got a little easier (OMG!!!!).

Affordable, flexible, simple. Yup Yup Yup. mention of mopping my floors.

How it works: Proof they are simple and easier to use. I'm loving it already. Loving it!

Let's review another similar flyer..

PUB Jun 18 stop selling O&Jin p1.PNG
PUB Jun 18 stop selling O&Jin p2.PNG

It’s entirely product. There is nothing to engage me. Although the tiles, sponge and bucket are cool...I don't want my kitchen swept...I want time, security, freedom...

And' it's even more than the call to action

O&Jin Cleaning Services

O&Jin Cleaning Services

O&Jin don't believe in themselves enough to ask you to do business with them, no. They've made their mind up that you need to quote. AND they want me to wait for a phone call or email back presumably when it suits THEM not me. No thanks. I've played that game before and all it does is chew up my time and add to my stress.

And I want time, flexibility and simplicity. I want to do what I love.

Sell the solution, not the product.

Now it's your turn – how are you going to change your language, or enhance your language in your promotional material?