Ask Great Questions To Draw Them In!

I went for a walk to Glebe Markets today – a favourite Saturday pastime BTW, and I saw these lovely gentlemen...

They had a blackboard with a question...”This life is not all there is – agree or disagree” with a clear call to action to pick up some chalk and choose.

It made me stop in my tracks and I was compelled to walk over and choose an option (I was going to tick both, but that's another blog post entirely!).

Then I paused and realised...this is a very effective way to sell. I was really quite impressed with the approach. And it got me thinking how I could apply this to other products and services. Here's my take on the psychology of it all...

It's a loaded question. "This Life is not all there is..."

It presupposes that the reader likely believes that this is it for life. And it opens the subconscious mind to the idea that there is something after this life. It creates curiosity in the mind. As opposed to This Life is all there is...which is depressing and confirming that 'life is short' 'you only get one chance' etc.

It creates a positive buying signal to your brain - great sales technique

Walking into the space, picking up chalk and writing on it, that's a positive buying signal to your brain. You've bought into the discussion, so regardless if you agree or disagree, you're a step closer to being sold, than if you had walked by.

It creates connection - elegant sales technique

As opposed to standing there with a bunch of flyers hoping someone will approach, it invites the passerby to engage and connect with the message they are trying to sell.

It opens a conversation - without being ‘salesy’

Once you choose your answer, no doubt the lovely gentlemen approach, and get curious about your choice...innocent enough but very powerful.

Clever packaging - definitely magnetic sales and marketing!

There's something nostalgic about blackboards. This might reveal more about me than the sales technique used here, so I'm curious about your thoughts on this too! Blackboards have an emotional connection for me – reminding me fondly of my youth. Anyone younger than me probably won't share this connection, given by the time I graduated high school Whiteboards had started replacing blackboards. But this is very effective, targeting my generation and above, as well as the vintage loving Glebe crowd. Very clever packaging to attract their target market! Plus they are both dressed uber cool and accessible. They kinda guys you could easily have a philosophical discussion with!

So I'm curious – do you think you could use or adapt this technique?

I considered this could be used at places where many people gather, but you can also use this technique on Facebook. Create a controversial question and post a poll. Connect with people who answer and create a conversation with them. Quite powerful!

What are your thoughts?